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Secure Dog walking and training field T's & C's


  1. No responsibility will be taken by the landowners for damage or injury sustained to property, individuals or animals whilst using Bluecaps Secure dog walking field.  Parking must be in the designated parking areas. All vehicles are left entirely at their owners’ risk and the landowners accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred, accident or otherwise, whilst they are on Bluecaps Farm/Piersons Wood premises.

  2. Parking is in the designated areas only and are parked entirely at their owners’ risk.  We accept no responsibility for any damages incurred whether it be accidental or not, whilst it is on our premises.

  3. Any breakages or damage caused to Bluecaps Secure dog walking field must be paid for by the hirer.

  4. We recommend that all dogs using Bluecaps Secure dog walking field are fully up to date with their inoculations. We advise that all dogs attending the field are immunised and wormed. Should your dogs show any sign of ill health including coughing, please do not bring them. 

  5. If any dogs that you are responsible for are not insured for 3rd party liability, please be aware that you will be personally liable for any accidents or injuries that the dog may cause, just as if you would be if it occurred in a public place.

  6. Bluecaps Secure dog walking field is situated on a working farm and as such there could be natural and agricultural hazards. Hazards you may encounter could include, but are not limited to, moving tractors and other agricultural machinery, nails, glass, wood, wire, uneven ground, rabbit and other animal burrows, biting insects and thorns. Prevailing weather conditions could result in additional hazards.

  7. Smoking is not permitted on the premises including in the dog walking field itself.

  8. It is the responsibility of all dog owners/handlers to ensure the safety and behaviour of their charges just as if in a public place.

  9. Please drive at a slow and appropriate speed as there are often wild deer around to avoid injury to said animals.

  10. The owners of Bluecaps Secure Dog walking do not organise any social events on their premises and as such will not be held liable for any incidents, accidents or injuries that may occur. Hirers use the field and facilities entirely at their own risk.

  11. You must allow enough time to unload your dogs, use the facilities and get them back into your vehicles afterwards within your time slot.

  12. Dogs must be kept in vehicles until the previous hirer has loaded their dog(s) back into their vehicles.

  13. Dogs must be always kept on leads unless transferring from the secure parking to the secure field.  For overflow parking, dogs must definitely  be kept on leads until in the secure field.

  14. The hirer must inspect the secure field on each visit to ensure that it is suitable for use by their dogs.

  15. The secure field must be vacated within their given time slot.

  16. Electronic, prong or choke collars are forbidden as is harsh handling either verbal or physical.

  17. Dog trainers or behaviourists working with clients will only be allowed by prior arrangement and must provide evidence of their insurance. Professional dog walkers are welcomed by prior arrangement.

  18. If anybody wishes to hire their site for a commercial venture can only do so with the owner’s permission.

  19. All dog waste must be removed and taken home with the hirer.  There are spare poo bags in the chalet for those who have forgotten their bags.

  20. No litter is to be left in in the secure field.  Please use bin provided.

  21. We inspect all areas and perimeters daily to maintain security but please notify us on 01892 785119 / 07711663800 if you have any concerns.

  22. We do not take any responsibility for any dog escaping from the secure field.

  23. Children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  24. The ‘fun’ areas including dog walk, A frame, seesaw, jumps, tyres and tunnels are designed for dogs only. Should there be any human activity, the session can be halted with immediate effect.

  25. The owners will not take any responsibility for any injury to humans or animals caused by using said equipment.


01892 785119 or 07711663


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